• Are you dreaming of your own holiday home abroad?

More than 50 holiday homes

As a shareholder in Investering og Feriebolig you become the co-owner of a company with more than 50 holiday homes. You can help to decide where the next one is going to be!

Reasonable budgeted return

In several places in Europe, the price level is still lower than before the financial crisis. We purchase buildings at good prices and thus we create a basis for reasonable return. 

Invest using pension funds

Investing with pension funds is an option with us. The use of pension funds, however, requires that you have your pension in a bank scheme and that the deposit is at least DKK 550,000.

The concept

Holiday Homes for everyone

Whether you like a beach holiday on the French Riviera, skiing in South Tyrol or a cozy summer cottage trip in Denmark, there is something for everyone! You become a co-owner of more than 50 holiday homes, a wide selection of european destinations and you help to decide where we buy new ones. We handle all administration, so sit back, relax and enjoy the holiday homes to the fullest!

5 good reasons

Why become a shareholder?

  1. For just DKK 110.000 you become a co-owner of more than 50 holiday homes in attractive destinations of Denmark and Europe
  2. You don’t have a reason to buy an expensive holiday home yourself, which you anyways would only visit 6 times a year 
  3. You get a varied selection of homes and holiday types. Culture, beach or an active holiday – we have it all!
  4. You can invest using your own savings, your pension or your company funds. 
  5. You have no running costs – we handle all the administrative work!


“We rarely go to the same place twice. So it suits us well that there is something to choose from”

Here you can read a news article from Berlingske Buisness’s where two shareholders from Investering og Feriebolig, share, among other things, why they have subscribed for shares.

enjoy life

Holiday Homes in lovely destinations of Europe

Material for investors

Get our material for investors in your mail

The material package contains our prospectus, which gives you all the practical information you need before you invest. In addition, the package also includes a drawing form and an advisory list. Get the material package in your inbox straight away.



    I became a shareholder because the concept of being able to use pension funds as a deposit appealed to me. We currently have three holiday homes booked over the summer and already visited three others


    “It gives me inspiration and opportunities to visit different areas of Europe at a fair price”

  • Leif Bardino

    Last year we sold our own holiday home because the work of looking after an extra house was getting a little too hard. That’s why this concept fits our needs perfectly. We already visited one of the holiday homes in Skagen and also on Romo. Later this year we will go to Goslar

  • Lauge Borg

    I sense a good investment here. A broader and cheaper alternative compared to similar concept

  • Mia Luna Harrishøj

    We decided to invest because we like to visit different areas in Europe instead of buying a single, permanent place for ourselves. So far we have visited two holiday homes and both places were nice and newly refurbished”

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