About the Company

The company Investering og Feriebolig was founded in 2020 by Bjarke Wolmar and there are now more than 550 shareholders. Our purpose is to get more shareholders so that more people can co-own a wide selection of holiday homes in Europe. 



Our vision

Everyone deserves to experience the many wonderful holiday destinations Europe has to offer. We, Investering & Feriebolig, therefore have a clear vision – that many more should have the opportunity to invest in their own holiday homes in some of Europe’s most beautiful destinations. Whether you are into sunny beaches, fun ski slopes or magnificent cities with a rich cultural life, there is something for everyone.

At Investering og Feriebolig, we believe in our vision. We believe that we have created a unique concept with reasonable prices and good terms. This way, we ensure that everyone has the opportunity to benefit from the acquired homes.

“Our purpose is to give people the opportunity to own holiday homes in Denmark and in Europe. It’s all about  good experiences, warm winters and life quality, and at the same time it is a good investment”

Bjarke Wolmar

Director and Founder of, Investering og Feriebolig A/S


The use of the accommodations

As a new shareholder, you will become a co-owner of all the holiday homes at the company’s disposal. The homes can all be rented at a favorable price by our shareholders, their families and friends. It is our ambition that all shareholders should feel at home in the holiday accommodations. We are happy with all the feedback we get and that we together can continuously make the holiday experience even better. 

It is important for us to maintain a high standard of both service and hygiene. Final cleaning is therefore mandatory for all holiday homes. We keep most homes hypoallergenic, but it is possible to bring a dog in some of the holiday homes.


Our values

1. Respect

We respect your wishes, needs and economy. Shareholder investment and expectations of returns are also of the highest priority

2. Propriety

We put shareholders, holiday home users and employees at the centre and treat everyone in a proper way

3. Promise

We live up to our word in relation to shareholders, employees and business partners. If there are any changes in market, we will inform you as soon as possible

A strong support base

Our board

Leif Beck-Fallesen

Chairman of the board of directors

With a Masters in Cand.scient.pol and experience as  CEO and editor-in-chief from Dagbladet Børsen. Leif Beck Fallesen is today known as an economic commentator on TV2 and also acts as chairman of the board of Scandinavian Information Audit.

Uffe Steiner Jensen

Member of the board of directors

With a masters in Civil Engineering from DTU and a long career behind him at Elsam and Eltra. Uffe Steiner Jensen was mayor of Fredericia for a period of 12 years, where Fredericia was, among other things known as the, “Danish champion” in the sale of commercial land through the project “Denmark C”. Uffe Steiner Jensen has an extensive board experience from, for example, the Port of ADP/Fredericia, his work as chairman for the board of Danish ports, Domea and as chairman of the board of the nature district of Ringkøbing K.

Line Baun Danielsen

Member of the board of directors

As a journalist and former tv-host,  Line har more than 30 years experience in the TV industry with e.g. news and debate programms. Today, Line works as an independant media- and communications consultant, blogger and influencer, where she mainly focuses on the 50+ segment.

Line owns the company LBD Kommunikation Aps and runs the blog ‘On the blog with Line’. She is also active in the company Marbella Fitnesscamp.

The organisation

Our employees


Emilie Vorager-Pedersen


Tobias Petersen
Brand Manager

Jonas Bjødstrup Nielsen
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