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The company’s strategy is to buy holiday homes in attractive destinations in Europe, where you can combine city holidays with beach, culture and activities. 


Choose a holiday home, check availability, and book your next vacation!

As a shareholder you get access to the booking system, which can be accessed via the website. The system contains all of the company’s holiday homes for free booking. Beach holiday, skiing or summer cottage – you decide! 

A wide selection

Whether you prefer a beach holiday on the French Riviera, skiing in South Tyrol or a cozy summer cottage trip in Denmark, there is something for everyone!

Below you can read much more about the individual destinations that Invest and Holiday Homes has at its disposal – and there are more on the way!

  • Hacienda Cómpeta

    Cómpeta, Malaga, Spanien

    A large and idyllic hacienda in Competa near Malaga. Renovation of the property has begun. 

    Expected to open:

    From week 51

  • Sessame


    In Sessame, Piemonte we have 3 new holiday homes on the way. Renovation is underway.

    Expected to open:

    The holiday homes in Sessame are a major renovation project. Expected to open summer 2023. 

  • Nea Makri

    Nea Makri, Grækenland

    In Greece we have launched the takeover of a holiday home in Nea Makri – just an hour’s drive from Athens.

    Expected to open:

    date unknown

    New Holiday Homes on the way

    We regularly purchase holiday homes on the basis of the shareholders wishes within the concept framwork. Keep an eye out for our homes here on the site and in the digital catalog, which can be downloaded from the front page.

    Here you have the opportunity to see a comprehensive overview of our holiday homes in Denmark and Europe

    Some of these pictures are BEFORE renovating the holiday homes. We strive to update the image material consistenly.  

    Holiday Homes in Italy

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