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In our material you can read all about the joint stock company, Investering og Feriebolig. If you still have any questions regarding the concept or about the investment, you are more than welcome to contact us on +45 29 44 86 16

Material for investors 

It is possible to order our material at any time. The material package contains both our prospectus, an invest form and an advisory list. 

Brochure for investors 

In our brochure your can also read all about our exiting investment companies. 

Invest form

If you want to become a shareholder you will need an invest form. You fill out the form and then send it to:

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Should there be any doubt about anything, we are ready to answer all your questions. You can either write a mail to us, or call us on + 45 29 44 86 16


Investing through various means

You can invest with ordinary savings, company funds or pension funds in accordance with the rules, when investing in unlisted shares.

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How to calculate return

The table below shows the budgeted return of 3%. The calculations in the table shows when you invest for 100.000 DKK in Investering og Feriebolig A/S. If you invest DKK 100,000 nominally, the amount can only be divided by 10, so that the calculation fits this amount. In some cases, it will be possible to mortgage the properties if it is assessed that the rental income will be able to cover any installments on the loans.

About Taxes

Investering og Feriebolig has obtained a binding notice from Skat (danish tax system), which ensures that the company’s shareholders are not taxed on the holdiday homes. 


  • Gross Rental income (7% of 1 mio. DKK)
  • Operating expenses (including owners association)
  • Extra Maintainance (0,5%)
  • Administration Investering & Feriebolig (1,5%)
  • Local taxes
  • Unforeseen costs
  • Operating profit
  • Borrowing costs
  • Operations profit excl. value increase
  • Value increase (1,5%)

  • Profit including value increase

  • Return of invested capital
    (1 mio. DKK.) %


  • 70.000

  • 25.000
  • 5.000
  • 15.000
  • 5.000
  • 5.000
  • 15.000
  • 0
  • 15.000
  • 15.000

  • 30.000

  • 3,0 %

Explaining the table above

The 7% of the gross revenue is the rental income, which are budgeted in the regard to the price of the acquired Holiday homes including land registration fee, financing, rectification, other consultancy costs, refurbishment and furniture. The budgeted cost for common expenses and owners’ association typically covers costs for building insurance, renovation, property management, maintenance, caretaker, Wifi and common areas.

The administration for Investering og Feriebolig covers the costs of rental and the administration. If we buy a building or a detached house, there will be no costs for the owners’ association, as we are responsible for the operation of the building (maintenance, insurance, etc.). However, there may be a smaller expense for the homeowners association. The value increase is set at 1.5%, which is a prudent calculation. If you believe that property prices in southern Europe (e.g. Greece) and selected areas in Central Europe will make up for the lost increase in value, the increase in value will be somewhat higher. Hopefully there’s a significant up-side hiding here. The current liquidity surplus is disposed of by the Board of Directors.

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